Top Lamborghini rentals for beginners

If you have never driven a Lamborghini before and want to experience one of these marvels of engineering there are some specific cars that might be easier to drive. When looking for a Lamborghini for a beginner you need to consider the price, ease of use, and the ability to park the car without having to take an hour.

Lamborghini URUS

The Lamborghini SUV also known as the Lambo truck is possibly the easiest Lamborghini to drive. One of the hardest things about driving a Lamborghini Aventador is that it’s so low to the ground that it can easily be damaged if you are not careful going into driveways or going over bumps.

Driving Miami Lamborghini URUS rental

The Lamborghini SUV was meant to be able to conquer all roads. Since it sits high up instead of low to the ground you can easily go over speed bumps or go up any driveway without worrying about scraping the bumper on the floor.

Although the URUS has that exotic Lamborghini look and also plenty of power it feels like your average luxury SUV when it comes to driving it. Due to this fact it is easy to maneuver into parking spaces and gives you more parking options and less worry. If you’ve driven an SUV before you should be able to manage driving the URUS with no problem.

The URUS is also the only Lamborghini rental in Miami with space for 5 people. This makes it easier to rent because you can chip in with your friends and you all can drive around Miami in a stylish Lamborghini. The controls are intuitive and once you ride in the Lamborghini URUS you won’t want to drive any other luxury SUV in Miami again.

Lamborghini Huracan

The Huracan is the entry-level exotic made by Lamborghini. It’s not as easy to drive as the URUS but is a great Lamborghini rental option for beginners. It has a decent amount of visibility out of the back window and you can easily maneuver the car with a little experience.

Convertible Lamborghini Huracan

The Huracan is very low to the ground so you will have to be careful when going over bumps or going to parking lots but it does have a lift system that helps to not damage the front end. The front end can be lifted with the press of a button and you can easily go over bumps as long as you are cautious.

The Huracan is also a very affordable Lamborghini to rent in Miami. Lamborghini rentals in Miami aren’t cheap but you can sometimes find good deals on some older model Huracan’s. The convertible models are the easiest to drive because you can drop the top and have awesome visibility.

Why these are the best for beginners

Lamborghini has a history of creating some of the most exotic-looking sports cars in the world and these are no exception. These are the easiest Lamborghini rental options and will make your trip to Miami a special one.

One could even argue that these are some of the best exotic car rentals in Miami for beginners period. I mean if you could only rent one car in your lifetime what’s better than saying you went to Miami and drove a Lamborghini.